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Zynolo Server Monitoring & Ticketing

Monitor All your IT Assets and Server Processors through a single Platform

In order to provide the level of service that customers and end users required, Zynolo and its partners needed a solution that would monitor the state of over 1000+ services on critical pieces of their infrastructure and provide immediate alerting of any downed services or devices.The challenge we faced with meeting the business needs is that an adequate solution needed to be easy to setup and configure, easy to maintain, graphically analytical, and it had to be granular enough to monitor multiple platforms and devices. All of this had to be achieved while fitting into the budget.

The framework within Zynolo has met all of these needs and provided solutions to multiple challenges. The software is easily installed and configured. Due to the open architecture, it fits into our customers budget and all critical services and devices are monitored with advanced analytical graphs.

Key Features

  • Tracking and management of Service Requests
  • Can be used within the organization or at branch level
  • Operates as a Service Desk headed by a Helpdesk Operator
  • Can be used for any Department in an organization and not only for IT Department
  • Can have multiple databases of Customers, Users etc.
  • Based on the request, Helpdesk Operator assigns Service Request to one or many Departments and/or Teams where a Department can have several Teams/Units
  • Once all tasks of the Service Request have been completed, it can be closed. The Helpdesk will then review Service Ticket and close it, if satisfactorily completed
  • Service Ticket completion % can be viewed at a glance based on the progress within each Team
  • Various approval levels within the process
  • Unit Head will assign Service Request based on the availability of team members
  • After completion by team member, Unit Head can verify, comment and close the Service Request
  • After completion, the Customer is notified via email
  • The same Service Ticket can be reopened if satisfaction level is not achieved
  • Single Request/Multiple Assignees – A single Service Ticket might need inputs from several teams to resolve. Therefore, the same Service Ticket can be assigned to multiple Teams