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Zynolo IT Asset Management

Keep track of all your assets efficiently from purchase to disposal!

The Zynolo solution aims to provide visibility into all IT assets across your companies from a group perspective, taking to account multiple location or sites. The solution will maintain a group wide IT Asset Register with essential and accurate information regarding all assets, asset locations and current owners of each asset.

Zynolo will also track all issues, technical failures under each asset in order to maintain the comprehensive asset life-cycle. The issue management will be extended to key members of the organization in order to log any issue which will be directly escalated to the organizations IT department in order to take necessary approvals and remedial actions.

Zynolo will also provide access to the management with reporting and dashboards to know the health of the IT infrastructure of the organization. It will also be provided to administration departments in order to know what devices and systems must be on-boarded to new employee or off-boarded in the case of termination or transfer.

Key Features

  • Manage the life cycle of Assets (IT or non-IT) from purchase to disposal
  • All information related to the Asset can be entered into the Supplier Master File of the system
  • Covers calling for quotations, evaluation and approvals
  • The Assets Master File will have all Assets of the organization broken down into various categories
  • Once the Asset is received a Goods Receipt Note (GRN) is issued
  • The Asset’s ownership can be transferred to an individual or Department
  • If the transfer is to an external Department, the Head of Finance and the Head of the relevant Department has to approve prior to the transfer
  • Ability to track warranty periods while showing time period for warranty to expire
  • Disposal can be carried out as one Asset or several Assets in a list of Assets
  • Can approve a single Asset or bulk Assets from the list of Assets for disposal
  • When entering the Asset into the system, the components that can be changed are also updated to provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the product
  • If any defects occur in the Asset’s components, tracking of the component change or the replacement of the entire Asset by the Supplier is possible
  • Ability to track the entire lifecycle of the Asset – When was it purchased? Who was it assigned to? Who has it now? Were components changed? Was it serviced?