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Customer Relationship Management

Single Platform to Efficiently Manage All Customer Related Interactions

All businesses need to manage interactions with customers. Some interactions are simple. A phone call to resolve an issue. An email to let the customer know about an existing promotion. A Good CRM systems already has these capabilities in place. A business can interact with customers, track the interactions and assess the impact to the bottom line.

Some customers require a little more than a simple interaction. Depending on the needs of the customer or the nature of the business, a full-fledged project may need to be implemented. Any interaction that requires multiple resources, procedures and protocols is a project. Project management is how projects are tracked from beginning to completion.

Key Features

Contact Management

Interaction Tracking

Lead Management

Email Integration


Workflow Automation

Pipeline Management

Quotes/Proposal Management

Key Features

  • Tracking and management of Service Requests
  • Can be used within the organization or at branch level
  • Operates as a Service Desk headed by a Helpdesk Operator
  • Can be used for any Department in an organization and not only for IT Department
  • Can have multiple databases of Customers, Users etc.
  • Based on the request, Helpdesk Operator assigns Service Request to one or many Departments and/or Teams where a Department can have several Teams/Units
  • Once all tasks of the Service Request have been completed, it can be closed. The Helpdesk will then review Service Ticket and close it, if satisfactorily completed
  • Service Ticket completion % can be viewed at a glance based on the progress within each Team
  • Various approval levels within the process
  • Unit Head will assign Service Request based on the availability of team members
  • After completion by team member, Unit Head can verify, comment and close the Service Request
  • After completion, the Customer is notified via email
  • The same Service Ticket can be reopened if satisfaction level is not achieved
  • Single Request/Multiple Assignees – A single Service Ticket might need inputs from several teams to resolve. Therefore, the same Service Ticket can be assigned to multiple Teams