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Zynolo Analytics

Do you know the true value of your data?

Zynolo Analytics is a series of dashboards that provide valuable insights for your business. It can contain all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on single screen, enabling users to monitor and examine business performance at a glance.

Benefits of implementing Business Intelligence dashboards in your operations

– Enhanced visibility

– Timesaving efficiency

– Better forecasting

– Analyst Key performance indicators

– Inventory control

– Real-time customer analytics

– Better decision-making​

Deploy Anywhere

Zynolo Analytics imposes no specific requirements on your data. Our dashboards gather data from a variety of data sources including common file formats such as Microsoft Excel, relational databases, NoSQL databases, cloud data stores, and REST API sources.

Rich Visualization Experience

Our widgets provide a rich visualization experience. Bar charts, column charts, pie charts, heat maps, maps, grids, pivot grids, cards, gauges, and more.

Mobile Responsive Layout

Zynolo Analytics user interface automatically adapts to different orientations and display sizes. This allows for seamless display of embedded application screens on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. The UI can be displayed on any device your customers use.

Key Features

  • Tracking and management of Service Requests
  • Can be used within the organization or at branch level
  • Operates as a Service Desk headed by a Helpdesk Operator
  • Can be used for any Department in an organization and not only for IT Department
  • Can have multiple databases of Customers, Users etc.
  • Based on the request, Helpdesk Operator assigns Service Request to one or many Departments and/or Teams where a Department can have several Teams/Units
  • Once all tasks of the Service Request have been completed, it can be closed. The Helpdesk will then review Service Ticket and close it, if satisfactorily completed
  • Service Ticket completion % can be viewed at a glance based on the progress within each Team
  • Various approval levels within the process
  • Unit Head will assign Service Request based on the availability of team members
  • After completion by team member, Unit Head can verify, comment and close the Service Request
  • After completion, the Customer is notified via email
  • The same Service Ticket can be reopened if satisfaction level is not achieved
  • Single Request/Multiple Assignees – A single Service Ticket might need inputs from several teams to resolve. Therefore, the same Service Ticket can be assigned to multiple Teams